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Self Enquiry Report
The Self Enquiry Report is provided to SMEs for the purpose of self-check. This report enables the SMEs to be aware of their own credit standing and identify critical areas that need improvement to further enhance their credit worthiness and improve their eligibility for financing.

The report contains:

1. SME Credit Risk Rating [-]
The Bureau's Probability of Default (PD) provides an indicator of your company's capability in servicing your payment commitments within the next 12 months.

Through our Percentile Ranking (PCTL) you will know your company's credit standing as compared to the other SMEs in Malaysia.

The Bureau's rating is a highly predictive and effective tool that helps you quickly assess your company's credit standing, by collating key information of the company's performance and payment history to provide an overall evaluation of the company's credit worthiness.
2. Latest Registry Information (Real time data extraction from SSM) [-]
The Registry Information is obtained directly from a credible data source - Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM), for you to review your company's business registry data.

The Registry Information consists of the following:
  • Company Profile
  • Company Owner/Partners/Directors/Officers
  • Share Capital
  • Shareholder
  • Charge Details (if applicable)
  • Financial Statement (if available)
3. SME's Banking Credit Information [-]
The Banking Credit Information is obtained directly from a credible data source - Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM)'s Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS) as reported by Financial Institutions .

The Banking Credit Information provides details of your company's banking credit facilities and the conduct of payment for these facilities over the last 12 months.

As such, SMEs are able to review the accuracy of their own banking credit information and identify weakness areas for further improvements (if necessary).
4. Dishonoured Cheque [-]
The Dishonoured Cheque information is obtained directly from a credible data source - Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM)'s Dishonoured Cheque Information System (DCHEQS) as reported by Financial Institutions.

The Dishonoured Cheque information provides details of any dishonoured cheque issued by your company over the last 2 years.
5. Trade Credit Data [-]
The Trade Credit Data is provided by your suppliers, telcos, utility providers and other credit grantors on both positive and negative conduct of payments in their dealings with you.
6. Enquiry Details [-]
The Enquiry Details displays the previous enquiries made on your company by The Bureau's members (Financial Institutions, Credit Grantors and SME members). This information provides you with an awareness of the credit checks performed on your company and the purpose of those enquiries.

Value Added Services

Being a member of The Bureau will open doors to other privileges to help you achieve your financing objectives and grow your business.

Other than allowing access to the Self Enquiry Report, The Bureau provides the following additional value added services at NO COST to members!

When should you purchase Self Enquiry Report? [-]
  • At least once a year for you to perform a 'self-check'
  • To monitor and review results after undergoing a 'credit healing' process
  • Before your company applies for credit facilities with potential financiers
  • Your company's credit applications were rejected
  • You suspect fraudulent banking activities involving your company's identity
Why should you review your company's credit report regularly with The Bureau? [-]
Identity Theft
This widespread issue is critical enough to purchase your company's credit report immediately. Identity theft means someone had used your company's particulars for fraudulent activities, such as applying for bank loans, telephony facilities or trade credit from suppliers. As such, regular review of your own credit report is important to detect and prevent such criminal activities against your company. The implication of identity theft is the impact to your company's ability in acquiring further credit from financiers and other credit grantors, especially if your company is over leveraged financially.

Credit Fraud Detection
Credit Fraud is another form of identity theft that involves theft of the company's credit card or overdraft account facilities to conduct unauthorized charges. The impact is more acute if you are unaware of payment delinquencies due to your company's weak accounts payable system.

Prevent Inaccuracies in Your Credit Files
Many times inaccurate credit reports are results of human error or delays in updates. Such inaccuracies can be easily and immediately rectified with The Bureau's assistance.

Track and Improve Payment Records
Anything can happen when your company performs payment transactions; for example delay in postal service means your cheque is late for an urgent payment. This creates unnecessary payment delinquencies in your credit report. Regular checkups can prevent such situations as you will be aware of the delay and make necessary arrangements with financiers and creditors before a payment default is reported on your credit file.

Be Alerted of Credit Enquiries on Your Company
When financiers and creditors check on your company's credit report with The Bureau, our system automatically captures this as an audit log - Enquiry Details. With the Self Enquiry Report, you can now be alerted that someone is checking on your company. Are they in a business relationship with you or are they a competitor? Are they getting your consent to check your credit report? Is there a possible fraudulent transaction involved?

The Bureau members, especially Financial Institutions and other Credit Grantors are provided with the Enquiry Details made on your company by others when they perform a credit check on your company.

The Enquiry Details provide potential financiers with market intelligence that the company had been 'shopping' for loan facilities or more credit lines. Hence, more Enquiries Details are often perceived negatively by potential financiers.

Price for Self Enquiry Report

 Prices for Self Enquiry Report
 Member price:  70% off Self Enquiry Report
 Nominal price is charged for additional reports
 Non-Member price:  RM 100 / report

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Who can purchase Self Enquiry Report?
  • The Bureau members
  • Non-members / public
    • Company's Owner/Partners/Directors
    • Person authorized by the company's Owner/Partners/Directors

What are the available channels to purchase Self Enquiry Report?
  • Online
  • Walk-In
  • Email (
  • Call us at 03-7806 8080
    • Our highly trained professional client advisory team is here to provide advice on what can be done to improve your credit standing and rating.
What are the channels for payment?

The Bureau Members
  • Cash (bank in)
  • Cheque payment
  • Credit Card
  • Cash purchase
  • Credit Card
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