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Business Review Report (BRR)
The Business Review Report (BRR) is provided to SME and Credit Grantor members to assist them in reviewing their business partner's/customer's credit standing and ratings.

The report contains:

1. SME Credit Risk Rating [-]
The Bureau's Probability of Default (PD) provides an indicator of your business partner's /customer's capability in servicing their payment commitments within the next 12 months.

Through our Percentile Ranking you will know your business partner's/customer's credit standing as compared to the other SMEs in Malaysia.

The Bureau's rating is a highly predictive and effective tool that can help financiers and credit grantors quickly assess a SME's credit standing, by collating key information of the company's performance and payment history to provide an overall evaluation of the SME's credit worthiness.
2. Registry Information (Information is Bi-Monthly updated) [-]
The Registry Information is obtained directly from a credible data source - Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM), for you to review your prospective business partner's/customer's business registry data. It provides you with a comprehensive view of the business and financial information, so you can evaluate whether to pursue the business opportunity with the company.

The Registry Information consists of the following:
  • Company Profile
  • Company Owner/Partners/Directors/Officers
  • Share Capital
  • Shareholder
  • Charge Details (if applicable)
  • Financial Statement (if available)
3. Trade Credit Data [-]
The Trade Credit Data is provided by other members of The Bureau such as suppliers, telcos, utility providers and other credit grantors on both positive and negative conduct of payments in their dealings with SMEs. From the trade credit records, the company's payment behavior for a broader range of business transactions may be used by Credit Grantors to gain better understanding of their prospects credibility and further improve their credit evaluation efficiency.
4. Enquiry Details [-]
The Enquiry Details displays the previous enquiries made on your prospective business partner's/customer's credit report by The Bureau's members (Financial Institutions, Credit Grantors and SME members). This information provides you with an awareness of the credit checks performed on the company and the purpose of those enquiries.

Why BRR?

Affordable Investment [-]
Members can review the credit information and ratings of their prospective business partners and customers at an affordable cost before making any credit or business decisions. This is a preventive measure to mitigate a much bigger loss later, due to collection issues, payment defaults or fraudulent activities.
Evaluation of Creditworthiness [-]
This report shows the business, financial information and ultimately, the credit ratings of the potential business partners or customers. With this useful information, Credit Grantors will have more insights of their business and knowing their capacity and capability to honor commitments.
Business Decision Making [-]
With this report, Credit Grantors are empowered to make informed decisions before entering into new business partnerships or provide credit terms to customers.


A IT distributor is in the midst of expanding their business by appointing new dealers. However, before appointing the dealers and extending credit lines, the IT distributor is recommended to do a credit check with The Bureau's BRR on the potential dealer's company details and more importantly, ratings which is a representation of the dealer's payment track record with other creditors. This ensures proper due diligence is done before committing to the business partnership.
Avoid Potential Major Losses [-]
With this report, Credit Grantors are empowered to make informed decisions before entering into new business partnerships or provide credit terms to customers.


The BRR is a small investment and may be considered like buying an insurance policy to protect a potential major loss.

How does BRR help grow your business?
  • Strategic Business Decision - Facilitates in making informed decisions on whether to proceed with a potential business partnership.
  • Credit Risk Management - The report helps minimize business risk, such as credit collection issues, bad debts and potential bad partnerships.
  • Sales Decision - As a credit assessment tool to support customer's request for credit terms in sales transactions.
  • Marketing Decision - Implement marketing campaigns and customer programs based on customers' credit standing and ratings. For example, better discounts for customers with good payment track record and vice versa.
Who can purchase BRR?
  • The Bureau members only
What are the available channels to purchase BRR?
  • Online - Buy and extract your BRR easily through our online system. There are no IT hardware or software requirements, just access through your web browser.

    4 simple steps for The Bureau members to purchase BRR online

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