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Business Information Report Premium (BIR-P)
Business Information Report Premium (BIR-P) provides the LATEST registry information as it is extracted real time from Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM). The additional value-add in this report is the enquiry details generated on a particular SME and the availability of trade data records.

The registry information for our BIR Report is only updated on a Bi-Monthly basis. If you would like to have the latest updated registry information, you may purchase the BIR-P Report.

The report contains:

1. Latest Registry Information (Real time data extraction from SSM) [-]
The Registry Information is obtained directly from a credible data source - Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM), for you to review your prospective business partner's/customer's business registry data. It provides you with a comprehensive view of the business and financial information, so you can evaluate whether to pursue the business opportunity with the company.

The Registry Information consists of the following:
  • Company Profile
  • Company Owner/Partners/Directors/Officers
  • Share Capital
  • Shareholder
  • Charge Details (if applicable)
  • Financial Statement (if available)
2. Trade Credit Data Availability [-]
This indicates the availability of trade credit data on the company. The trade credit data is provided by trade creditors, such as suppliers, telcos, credit and leasing companies and utility providers. It reflects the payment behavior of the company on a broader transaction records.
3. Enquiry Details [-]
The Enquiry Details displays the previous enquiries made on your prospective business partner's/customer's credit report by The Bureau's members (Financial Institutions, Credit Grantors and SME members). This information provides you with an awareness of the credit checks performed on the company and the purpose of those enquiries.
4. Narratives [-]
This section displays any dispute, discrepancies of data or special remarks by The Bureau members, data source providers and authorities.

BIR vs BIR Premium

For customers who require up to date registry information, please read more about our Business Information Report Premium (BIR-P). The BIR-P is a real-time report that contains the most updated information as lodged with SSM. The below provides an overview of the difference between BIR and BIR-P.

 Comparison Table for BIR versus BIR-P
 No.  Information  BIR  BIR-P
 1  Registry Information  √  √
 Trade Credit Data Availability  √  √
 Enquiry Details  √  √
 Narratives  √  √
 2 Update of Registry Information extracted from SSM  Bi-Monthly update  Real Time update
 3  Who can purchase?  Members only  Members & non-members

Pricing for BIR-P

 Price for Business Information Report Premium (BIR-P)
 Members & Non-Members  RM15.00/ report

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Who can purchase BIR-P?
  • The Bureau Members
  • Non-members
What are the available channels to purchase BIR-P?

For The Bureau Members [-]
  • Online
    Buy and extract your BIR-P easily through our online system. There are no IT hardware or software requirements, just access through your web browser.

    4 simple steps for The Bureau members to purchase BIR-P online

For Non-Members [-]
  • Online
  • Walk-In
  • Email (
  • Call us at 03-7806 8080
    • Our highly trained professional client advisory team is here to provide advice on what can be done to improve your credit standing and rating.

What are the channels for payment?
  • The Bureau members
    • Cash (bank in)
    • Cheque payment
  • Non-Members
    • Cash purchase
    • Credit Card (available in the near future)
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